Strategic Priorities

The Bertelsmann strategy is designed to create a more digital, more international and faster-growing company. Specifically, this means that beyond ongoing investment in its existing activities, Bertelsmann is increasingly developing new lines of business that ensure a broader overall revenue structure. In 2014, significant progress was made in implementing the four declared priorities of the strategy: strengthening core businesses, digital transformation, development of growth platforms and expansion in growth regions.

Bertelsmann’s strategy is a response to global trends that are radically changing media usage behavior and customer requirements: the digitization of all areas of life, the increasing role of emerging markets such as Latin America, China and India and the increasing demand for education services.

Creativity is of particular importance for putting the strategy into practice. Accordingly, the company is investing heavily in the creative substance of its businesses. At the same time, Bertelsmann advanced its transformation to digital, expanded growth areas such as education, the music-rights business, and television production, as well as services and e-commerce, and stepped up its activities in fast-growing regions of the world.

The aforementioned four strategic priorities will continue to guide Bertelsmann’s business activities as the company benefits from its strong market positions and solid financial foundation.

This Annual Report is entitled “Building A New Bertelsmann.” The following pages highlight the specific successes that were achieved on this path during the past year and where Bertelsmann stands today. This vividly shows what drives the company and what direction Bertelsmann is taking with its individual businesses.